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Chocoddity 2013

Single Origin chocolate and unusual flavour pairings (2013 flavours)

In 2013 I wanted to create recipes to make an even more unusual range than I did in 2012. This is my favourite part of creating new recipes and working with chocolate and involves firstly sourcing mostly new single origin chocolates I have not used before and then deciding what flavours I want to pair with them. You can read more about the concept of Chocoddity on the “Chocoddity 2012″ page.

As a result, Chocoddity 2013 has dove even deeper into the world of unusual flavours to pair together and with chocolate. Many of these flavours may sound extreme or even off-putting however after extensive taste-testing all of these have been loved by many friends, family, and work colleagues! I really do believe when it comes to food for the greatest expreiences we need to rid our minds of any preconceptions regarding certain flavours that we may have, and liberate our senses by delving into the weird but wonderful world of the apparent unusual!

This year I was really keen to try and develop unheard of flavours such as Hibiscus combined with Tarragon, Lavender with Creme Fraiche and even more uncommon flavours such as Cumin combined with the cooling, citrusy heat of Sansho pepper to produce a lingering numbing sensation on the tongue. My most daring creation was not for the faint-hearted – Goat’s Cheese, Lemon & Beetroot. This flavour is reminiscent of cheesecake however the acid from the lemon tricks the palate into tasting a more blackcurrant flavour with the beetroot pate de fruit. Truly unique!

Hopefully I will be able to share some of these daring recipes with you soon!

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Read more about the premise behind “Chocoddity” chocolates by visiting the “Chocoddity 2012″ page.

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