Fine Handmade Chocolates


To contact the Choc Doc please use my email address given below. The Choc Doc is not trading to the general public and this site is for information purposes only.


The purpose of this site is to educate, inspire and pass on my passion and desire for creating fine chocolates, which is a true hobby and love of mine. I do not currently trade to the public so my chocolates are not for sale however I hope to develop this site into a resource guide for creating chocolates (and other confections/desserts) at home, or maybe inspiring others who are thinking of developing their own chocolate business.

Over time I hope to post recipes, ideas, blogs and more to share my love of all things chocolate, especially the love for creating quality artisan chocolate. Look out for topics on cacao beans, tempering chocolate, flavour infusions, ganache formulation and more! Of course as well, there will be recipes posted occasionally of both new ideas and classics, perhaps even some of my chocolates that were recognised with awards.

If you are seeking advice on any of these areas or have any questions about chocolates, please feel free to email me at:

however please note this site is for information purposes only and I am not trading to the general public. I would love to one day return to this as a business however as it was part time, personal circumstances with my full time job have meant I cannot accommodate The Choc Doc as a chocolate business currently. I will do my best to answer any emails that are sent to me but please be patient as I live a busy life outside of chocolate too!!

Please note: This website and its contents are for information purposes only and The Choc Doc does not currently offer any trading services. All information or advice given by The Choc Doc is of The Choc Doc’s own opinions and out of friendly conversation. This should not be viewed in any way as a consultancy service.